Due to its significant requirements, the environment is often one underexplored dimension of context in context-aware adaptive applications. Besides requiring a constant sensing of dynamic variables, environment-aware adapt

ation also requires significant processing capabilities which may cause, among other problems, performance issues. Although, sometimes neglected, the environmental information has a large application for context-aware adaptation.

Aware of such importance, Google requested and got last week, on 20th March, a patent for environment-aware adaptation, named “advertising based on environmental conditions”. Such patent comprises all advertising contents that are created based on environmental information.

In summary, this patent is defined as follows:

Information about an environmental condition of a remote device is received, the environmental condition being determined based on a signal output from a sensor of the remote device or a sensor coupled to the remote device. An advertisement is identified based on the environmental condition, and the advertisement is provided to the remote device.

The complete specification of this patent can be retrieved in its website.

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